Klient : Mary Kay
Obszary : Social Media

Mary Kay: Women Can Do Anything

After a one-year hiatus in cooperation, Mary Kay, a direct sales leader in the cosmetics industry, asked us to redesign their social media communication strategy. Our task was to build the image of Mary Kay as an expert, lifestyle and positive brand, as well as to increase engagement and grow the number of followers.

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How did we do it? “Women Can Do Anything” is the leitmotiv of our activities and the starting point for dialogue with the target group, presentation of the offer and brand as such. All our communication focuses on the woman at its center, targeting consultants and clients. By showing products in an engaging form, we focus on the feminine lightness of the message. We also leverage the inspiration that comes from Mary Kay Ash, the company’s founder, with messaging presented in a coherent and eye-catching graphic layout.

Valkea handles Mary Kay’s Facebook and Instagram communications. Our original photography distinguishes the Instagram feed apart from the competition. We also seek out interesting news items to implement real-time marketing (RTM) consistent with our designated strategic communication tenets.

Mary Kay Instagram

We use the potential of the Facebook Marketplace by designing special post cycles, e.g. lifestyle and advice using animations, as well as typical product themes, to present the Mary Kay product line.