Klient : Wars Sawa Junior
Obszary : PR

Pasaż Wiecha: Culture in the Center

Together with our Aktivist! magazine staff and Wars Sawa Junior Department Stores, Valkea transformed Pasaż Wiecha into a place of integration, excellent entertainment, creative discussion and recreation by creating the “Culture in the Center” summer activity zone. The historic promenade resounded with music, the buzz of conversations and collaborative creative work for every weekend over the course of three months.

warsztaty w Pasażu Wiecha

We designed special modular pavilions, which allowed us to rearrange the area to suit various needs, including a stage and recreation area with hammocks, sunbeds and greenery.

Participants and passersby could take part in workshops such as screen printing, lithography, calligraphy, crocheting, embroidery, comics design, macramé or collage, as well as floral composition, the most colorful and most popular of all the activities. We made beanbag chairs and shopping totes using recycled materials and threw a live jazz dance party, there were meetings with beekeeper Areta Szpura, stand-up comedy, and even a modeling casting by “The Management” agency.

weekend architektury Pasaż Wiecha

The sounds of emerging acts filled the air, offbeat theater productions delighted audiences while gallery-like shows of art and photography enticed everyone to relax in the special chill-out zone in an amicable company.

Our PR efforts resulted in cooperation and support from the Center for Contemporary Art, Museum of Modern Art, Institute of Industrial Design, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Academy of Fine Arts and the Warsaw Zodiac Architecture Pavilion. Radio Kampus and Kayax records joined as our campaign partners.

warsztaty w Pasażu Wiecha

By designing an urban shopping center’s summer zone, we bet on graphic design that reflected the ideas it represented and was inspired by urban energy, dynamic silhouettes, architectural details and characteristic Warsaw locations.