Klient : Galeria Mokotów
Obszary : Custom Publishing

2019 Shopping Center Magazine of the Year

Valkea designed and produced a special magazine entitled “The Look” for Warsaw’s Galeria Mokotów. What makes it stand out? The unusually large format, auteur title design inspired by 3D graphics and unique cover photography certainly play a part. “The Look” is unlike any other magazine. Addressed to Galeria Mokotów customers, it outpaces leading fashion and lifestyle publications in terms of design and editorial content, which is on par with fashion albums and luxury one-off magazines.

Galeria Mokotów Magazyn

Exuding in colorful elegance, “The Look” reads like a fashion album. The cover photo invites readers to dive into the stylish content, which features the latest collections, coolest brands, designers and news about newly-opened showrooms. “The Look” is a guide to the hot trends of the season: colors, patterns, styles, details, accessories, interior design and beauty.

Co wyróżnia magazyn

By beginning with a whirlwind tour of the world’s leading fashion capitals, it shows spectacular street looks and invites readers to fashion-related exhibitions and shows evincing how art inspires designers. Modern graphic design masterfully juggles photos, arranging them into eye-popping compositions with graphic elements that create a multidimensional impression while a mix of bold typography adds optical dynamics. All this means that the commercial content, inscribed in the magazine’s album-like elegance, encourages shopping.

The magazine was recognized by the Polish Council of Shopping Centers and during the 10th PRCH Retail Awards Gala, winning the gold statuette in the Commercial Facility of the Year category.