Klient : Levis
Obszary : Content and Production

Collector’s Edition of Aktivist x Levi’s

The world-famous jeans company commissioned us to design a collector’s edition publication dedicated to the timeless Levi’s 501 and their latest collection.

Levis model 501 sesja

The Aktivist team produced a lifestyle supplement, a special collector’s edition, dedicated to everyone who loves jeans. The project features original interviews, articles, photography and videos with influencers whose own media lent the project additional advertising reach.

kolekcjonerskie wydanie Aktivist

In addition to fashion shoots and interviews, the magazine shares the fascinating history of the 501s. Michał Koszek, currently one of the most renowned fashion editors, oversaw the entire edition while leading photographers Bart Pogoda and Bartek Wieczorek provided the photo production.

sesja i magazyn dla Levis

One production presents Levi’s collection in an innovative way by featuring influencers who personalize their iconic pants to express their own individuality. The other film takes the reverse perspective by expressing the brand’s individuality and its fresh approach to fashion in its latest collection. Here, the young actors traverse urban spaces, evoke positive impressions and remain in viewers’ memories for a long time. They bring us closer to each other and to the urban space our heroes identify with by building a positive image of the brand through palpable emotions of actual people and places.