Klient : Atrium Promenada
Obszary : Events

Gaming Pro-Sale Campaign

Created especially for the Atrium Promenada Shopping Center, the “Find Santa’s Elves” creative concept challenged, emotionally engaged and rewarded shoppers by helping them to experience the mall’s actual benefits. Valkea combined the sentimental atmosphere of Christmas with cutting-edge tech, using a simple mechanism, giving our event a special touch and resulting in a truly spectacular effect.

świąteczna strefa

We convinced Christmas shoppers to help Santa find his missing elves. The six mischievous creatures hid along with all presents somewhere at the mall. Customers used inspiring digital technology in a magical augmented reality experience that rewarded them with prizes.

akcja gamingowa z wykorzystaniem AR

The gamification element required players to find all the elves hiding in the mall’s shop windows and common areas. Users downloaded a free phone app to scan stickers strategically placed throughout the mall in the search for the creatures. Users who found all six elves and made a purchase in the pre-Christmas period received an “enchanted” guaranteed prize – a specially designed interactive mug.