Klient : Atrium Reduta
Obszary : Creation

Creative window displays in shopping center

Spaces under renovation and unused premises are quite a challenge for shopping centers. Our idea for the development of such places are creative window displays that link shopping with fun and education, but also allow to transform unattractive spaces into colorful and vibrant ones.

Kreatywne wysłony

For Atrium Reduta we have designed and carried out displays for 10 premises. Our goal was to achieve the wow effect and catch the recipients’ eye by arranging the space in an interesting way instead of just placing basic banners.

Aranżacje witryn

We have adapted the character of the scenery by referring to the neighbouring tenants’ displays through colors or products offered by tenants. All this to maintain a consistent character of the arrangement. The displays have been additionally illuminated to attract clients’ attention.

Wysłony w centrum handlowym

The arrangements are also characterized by their modularity as it is possible to use some of the scenery in other venues in the future.

Wysłony witryn

One of the displays was arranged in cooperation with local artists - Patka Smirnow and Karina Królak, who have created an original and pioneering project Re4rest. The aim of the project is to draw attention to the production of a huge amount of packaging and the consequent pollution of cites, countries and the whole Earth. The artists saw an incredible potential in an ordinary bottle and turned this material into objects that resemble organic shapes, such as flowers, leaves or grass. Each part of the project is made by hand. A large number of bottles keep their original colors and others are colored with ecological varnishes.