The Holiday Zone at Wars Sawa Junior Department Stores by Valkea

15 December 2019

“Winter in the City at Pasaż Wiecha” is the latest holiday attraction zone created by Valkea for the Wars Sawa Junior Department Stores. Never before have there been winter attractions at this location! Valkea’s task was to design the overarching communication strategy as well as the look and layout of the zone itself. Valkea coordinated all activities and provided ongoing PR support while moderating the department stores’ social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, and creating online content for the Wars Sawa Junior Department Stores’ webpage.

Pasaż Wiecha zima

Christmas decorations, the relaxing look and scent of green spruce trees, a 3D Christmas card, a mirror installation with Christmas trees – this atmospheric scenery at Pasaż Wiecha put visitors in the perfect holiday mood while fairytale references brought children joy. These also made for eye-catching backgrounds for selfies and Christmas greetings sent by visitors to friends and loved ones.

The holiday zone at Wars Sawa Junior perfectly exemplifies the ideals of creative recycling by reusing objects that previously decorated other Atrium Poland locations. The colorful ornaments recently shimmered on the ceiling of Atrium Promenada while the silver stars shone at Atrium Mosty. Instead of throwing away unused Christmas decorations, we turned them into holiday fun at Pasaż Wiecha.

zimowa strefa w Pasażu Wiecha

Now, previously known for its summer arts and cultural attractions, Pasaż Wiecha also hosts artists during winter. As a break from Christmas experiences, artists share their comics and evocative photography.