Klient : Plac Unii
Obszary : Social Media

Unique Plac Unii

Our goal was to develop a communication concept for the Plac Unii City Shopping center, which, based on a new visual creative line, would reinforce its image in social media.

Plac Unii City Shopping

Plac Unii is a one-of-a-kind destination, a special place for meetings, shopping, and spending time with friends. Our social media narrative highlights the shopping center’s unique, interesting and inspiring elements by using wordplay to create new meanings and have fun in sharing the center’s features and offer. Our minimalist visuals focus on details and specific products that distinguish Plac Unii from the competition.

Plac Unii Facebook

We also evoke the location’s historic connotations of the former Supersam location, one of Poland’s first supermarkets, by sharing fascinating local stories while interacting with fans who consider Plac Unii Lubelskiej to be special.

Our communication includes two channels, Facebook and Instagram, as part of a cohesive graphic and semantic narrative distinguished by head-turning graphics and attractive wordplay, which also helps to actively promote the mall’s culture and arts offer online.