Klient : Drogerie Natura
Obszary : Social Media

Natura Drugstore Social Media Service

Natura is naturally filled with cosmetics! An extensive offer of natural products and unique own brands are the brand’s differentiators and had to be properly communicated. That was our strategy when taking over Natura’s communication in March 2018, when, after a few months of successful photo productions, we expanded our cooperation to include full communication on Instagram.

Valkea’s activities included developing a new communication strategy that leveraged original photo productions, animations, graphics and Insta Stories as well as consistent communication both in terms of presented content and moderation. The channel is integrated with the online store.

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We have already published over 300 original photos, 65 animations, and run 11 competitions.

As a result of fruitful cooperation, Valkea’s role has been expanded to include profiles for three of Natura’s own brands: KOBO Professional, My Secret and Sensique. Our strategists designed a completely different, proprietary communication concept tailored to the nature of each brand.

Drogerie Natura marki własne

KOBO Professional is a professional cosmetics brand addressed to clients familiar with the secrets of makeup, including professionals and makeup schools. So, we focus on minimalism and a certain exclusivity when it comes to the form of presenting products.

My Secret offers colorful cosmetics for everyone at affordable prices. The variety and spectrum of colors available inspired us to design a profile in friendly, pastel colors and slightly pop style.

Meanwhile, Sensique offers a wide range of hypoallergenic products specially formulated for the needs of sensitive skin. In our communication, its delicate formulas blend in perfectly with subtle, feminine photos.