Klient : Monnari
Obszary : Social Media

Monnari: It’s Fashionable to Be Yourself

For Monnari, a stock-exchange listed apparel company, we bet on opinion-forming platforms that deliver high-quality fashion advice in lieu of standard advertising channels, with Facebook and Instagram communication expressing the brand’s claim, that It’s Fashionable to Be Yourself.

Social Media Monnari Facebook

We use Facebook as a blog-like channel with longer textual posts, offering in-depth fashion information. Every product post is tastefully marked and offers new advertising and conversion opportunities, redirecting to the brand’s e-store.

Social Media Monnari

The Instagram account is supplanted with influencer materials. The user-generated content makes for some of the most valuable and engaging materials. By reposting photos, we leverage content published on the social media platforms of Monnari followers and fans. Our curation involves adding copy without interfering with their visual aspects while also linking outside the Facebook ecosystem to convert online purchases.