Klient : Cropp
Obszary : Social Media

75 shoots with influencers

We joined forces with Cropp, a brand of the Polish apparel powerhouse LPP, to coordinate their social media lifestyle communication addressed to young rebels steeped in urban culture and individual style. Cropp engages international illustrators and graffiti artists to design its eye-catching collections. Valkea coordinates over 50 influencers to curate consistent on-brand messaging on Instagram cropp_clothing, with over 300,000 followers.

Cropp Instagram

As part of our social media activities for Cropp, Valkea focused on cooperation with influential people and have produced 75 photoshoots with relevant influencers to-date. Our KPI successes include monthly growth of 10,000 followers and approx. 220,000 reactions per month to our posts.

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We moderate the channel, write posts, conduct competitions, and also cooperate with influencers on the Russian market.

sesje z influencerami

Our efforts help build image and awareness among its target group to drive sales.