Klient : Domy Towarowe Wars Sawa Junior
Obszary : Projects 360°

Wars Sawa Junior 360 Communication

Thanks to Valkea’s strategic communication redesign and execution, the Wars Sawa Junior department store inspires fashion lovers in the very heart of a teeming modern European capital. Valkea’s task was to make fans and visitors think of the destination as an inspirational brand and an exciting element of the Warsaw lifestyle.

We relish the opportunity to coordinate the brand’s social media and website. During the Christmas holidays, we created a special holiday attraction zone and handled the zone’s PR.

Summer Attraction Zone

Aktivist! magazine and Wars Sawa Junior Department Stores transformed the promenade adjacent to the shopping location into a place of community integration, excellent entertainment, daring discussion and relaxing recreation. For three summer months, the brand’s “Culture in the Center” activity zone filled the air with moving music, the buzz of conversations and collaborative creative work.

warsztaty w Pasażu Wiecha

We designed portable modular pavilions, which allowed us to rearrange the area to suit various needs such as stage or recreation areas with hammocks, sunbeds or plants.

weekend architektury Pasaż Wiecha

The sounds of emerging acts, offbeat theater productions and talks delighted audiences while gallery-like shows of art and photography enticed everyone to relax in the special chill-out zone in an amicable company.

Social Media

The Wars Sawa Junior profile on Facebook is dedicated to people who want to be up to date with fashion news and what is currently happening in Warsaw.

WSJ Facebook

Because we know the latest trends, the feed shares Warsaw cultural and entertainment news, and recommends culinary hot spots, interesting architecture and even street art.

Visual Campaign Design

By designing this urban shopping center’s summer zone, we bet on graphic design that reflects the ideas it represents. It was inspired by urban energy, dynamic silhouettes, architectural details and characteristic Warsaw locations.

Pasaż Wiecha Kultura w samym Centrum

Illustrations by Warsaw artist Andrzej Wieteszka form the core of key visuals of the Pasaż Wiecha promenade’s attractions, posters, www graphics and a special issue of Aktivist! magazine.

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