Klient : Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Obszary : Projects 360°

Dry Morning

Not just parents, but even people who work with children are often unaware of the underlying causes of bedwetting. This topic can be as troublesome as it is embarrassing, and when neglected it can lead to dangerous consequences for the whole family.

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Asked for support by Ferring Pharmaceuticals Poland, Valkea developed the company’s 2019 communication plan for its bedwetting therapy. We focused our activities around World Bedwetting Day as the starting point for an extensive communication campaign and our press conference generated extensive buzz among experts and journalists. As part of PR activities, we reinforced the message with press releases (including online media) and speeches by specialists in leading TV and radio programs. We also published banners and articles in our own media (parenting portals).

Książka dla dzieci moczenie nocne

We left the best for last and as part of the campaign, we created a brand hero named Tymek, whose adventures and trials are the subject of a children’s book we produced with the goal of raising awareness and sharing possible solutions with kids and parents alike.

The online version of the book is available for download at www.suchyporanek.pl. Our full-spectrum communication activities also included social media.