Klient : Galeria Katowicka
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Creative Strategy for Galeria Katowicka

Galeria Katowicka needed a new creative line along with a fitting social media communication platform.

Galeria Katowicka linia kreatywna

Valkea recommended a design that resembles the city's topography employing local ornamentation associated with characteristic Silesian locations and architecture. We designed an innovative and artistic form of communication, based on the contextual connection of the city's traditional symbols and combined it with advertising dialectic to grab the attention of Katowice area residents.

topografia Katowic

The communication platform features a gray background that evokes raw concrete, buildings and urban tissue, referencing Galeria Katowicka's architectural elements. The background is neutral, does not compete with core graphic elements: it is dynamic, varied with tonal transitions, lined with translucent darker panels, contrasts with the logo, slogan and graphics. For this, we carefully selected photographs, which allows us to maintain clear legibility of all identifiers and create evocative materials.

Social Media

Social media communication includes two channels: Facebook and Instagram. We are moving away from a traditional way of portraying the shopping center in social media. We show followers the mall ‘knows’ what is going on in the city and inspire them to spend their free time in Katowice.

Galeria Katowicka Social Media

We leverage our relationships with local influencers whose intimate knowledge of Katowice attractions allows them to post original, dedicated content. According to the adopted creative line, symbolic and graphic references to Silesian tradition and culture appear in the graphic materials. We show photogenic locations using unusual shots and angles. Our followers love Katowice, and so do we. We use our local patriotism by posting photos of Katowice to create a special map of the city as seen through the eyes of its residents.

Katowice content social media