Klient : Domy Towarowe Wars Sawa Junior
Obszary : PR

Pasaż Wiecha Culture in the Center

Exciting summer attractions organized by the Wars Sawa Junior Department Stores under the name "Pasaż Wiecha. Culture in the Center" deserve second-to-none communication.

That’s why we leveraged Valkea’s media relationships and laser-focused selection to invite the proper target groups from Warsaw and surrounding areas to visit weekly themed events and workshops led by young, talented artists and influencers, such as Areta Szpura and Andrzej Wieteszka.


Thanks to well-planned strategic and comprehensive activities, Valkea’s efforts earned media buzz for this summer fun zone, which became a frequented place of integration, excellent entertainment, creative discussions and recreation.

Valkea developed and distributed press information about thematic weeks to the media, including Fashion Week at Pasaż Wiecha, Theater Weekend and Film Festival, each involving an intensive follow-up; we were in constant contact with local and lifestyle media and generated over 300 publications.