Klient : Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Obszary : PR

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Valkea spawned interest in topics related to the problem of children’s bedwetting in parenting and select medical media around, while positioning Suchyporanek.pl as a go-to source of knowledge.

As part of the planned strategy, we organized a press conference on the occasion of World Bedwetting Day 2019 with the participation of experts - a urologist, nephrologist and psychologist, who presented the problem of bed wetting in children along with possible solutions.

By selecting, appropriately framing and booking expert ambassadors, Valkea built the credibility of the Suchyporanek.pl campaign in parenting and select medical media, through appearances in the media, including television and radio broadcasts (Pytanie na Śniadanie, Strefa Rodzica – Polskie Radio Dzieciom).