Klient : Drogerie Natura
Obszary : Events

Natura Drugstore Roadshow Beauty Bus

To celebrate Natura’s 20th anniversary, we designed a special roadshow and set off on a tour of Poland’s Baltic resorts for 20 days in the green Natura Beauty Bus, which offered special expert consultations, including make-up, cosmetics, manicure and relaxation zones, as well as children’s attractions.

wakacyjny roadshow Natura

The specially-arranged bus featured specialists offering facial and body care, make-up, manicure and haircare advice. The experts also offered tips on safe tanning, hair styling and coloring, shared the benefits of using natural cosmetics and helped in their proper selection.

For those seeking rest in the fresh air, there was a chillout zone with free Wi-Fi and a children’s fun zone. Natura hosts invited everyone to enjoy the birthday zone with prizes and product tests while the Beauty Bus’s onboard minimarket featured onsite sales.

urodziny Drogerii Natura

The roadshow enjoyed a huge interest and drew many tourists and locals who will certainly remember the brand’s 20th anniversary for a long time to come.