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Football World Championships: entertainment and pro-sales

For the M1 shopping center chain (Metro Properties), Valkea organized a nationwide pro-sales campaign implemented simultaneously at nine malls during the Football World Cup tournament.

The loyalty mechanism features a virtual reality app and collectible player cards to combine the fun with a pro-sales element.

aplikacja wykorzystująca AR

The mechanics were simple and engaging:

Shop at M1 >> Get a magic card with a player and download the free app that unlocks a world of augmented reality, where players can hone their football skills >> Win prizes! >>

The application required players to hit moving targets while keeping a virtual ball in the air. The highest point total wins! Prizes included footballs, fan paraphernalia and an Xbox One gaming set.

M1 HoloStix

Valkea produced promotional videos with football influencers, successfully managed nine simultaneous events and generated significant additional turnover at each mall location.

During the promotion, visitors registered receipts for several million zlotys with nearly 200,000 football cards distributed in total.