Klient : CH Turawa Park
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Charity Bike Ride

Valkea has organized the Charity Bike Ride at Turawa Park Shopping Center in support of the Mam Marzenie (I Have a Dream) children’s foundation twice.

Our goal was to fulfill the dreams of three children, increase the number of participants in the ride and the family picnic compared to the previous year, and present CH Turawa Park as a place where families with children can spend time in an interesting and creative way.

Turawa Park event charytatywny

During the 7th Charity Bike Ride, CH Turawa Park challenged organizations and associations from Opole and the surrounding area. If they got involved, the mall promised to additionally support the dreams of the Mam Marzenie Foundation’s kids. Commemorative t-shirts were available to further increase donations. Local designers, the Opolskie Dziouchy, prepared special t-shirt prints that promoted local crafts and artists.

During the event at CH Turawa Park, Valkea produced many attractions for children and adults, including a three-hour record-breaking Zumba marathon, a judo show, Nordic walking, painting a great mural, learning to provide first aid, nutrition, training and massage zones, children’s trampolines, women’s beauty care workshops, backyard games for children, photo booth, stage competitions and many more.

atrakcje podczas rajdu

As part of our PR activities, Valkea engaged 10 media patrons and 30 organizations. Radio Opole broadcast the ride live from its mobile studio. Over 850 riders took part while the event garnered 79 media publications in the local Opole and industry media.

Success in numbers:

• 852 riders (double the number expected!)
• PLN 15,000 donated to the Mam Marzenie Foundation
• 2 routes – one for adults and one for families with children
• 1,000 picnic and ride participants