Klient : Speak Up
Obszary : Digital

Speak Up Campaign

We successfully conducted bespoke lead generation campaigns featuring quizzes and competitions for the Speak Up language school. Campaign topics aligned with the client’s target group and offer (e.g. Corpo-slang, Five cities: which city fits you best?, Fit Your English, TV series addict). To attract an audience, we combined fun and competition with free language instruction as a prize.

Valkea designed the concept strategy and implemented the project, including website, advertising formats, dedicated e-book, communication in social media, as well as analytics and media plan.

reklamy Speak Up

We built a mini-platform featuring a quiz and introduced a competition mechanism, asking an open question to anyone interested in winning a free Speak Up language course.

In addition, we handled all ad formats and special copy versions for the display and mailing campaigns. Further, we designed Facebook lead generation communication that was the main lead driver throughout the campaign. We also created a dedicated e-guide to five English-speaking cities. Each participant providing data received an e-book with a discount voucher for a Speak Up language course.