Klient : Polish Vodka Museum
Obszary : Custom Publishing

Polish Vodka Museum Magazine

To celebrate the grand opening of the Polish Vodka Museum, we produced an intriguing magazine featuring museum attractions and fun facts about Poland’s national spirit in an engaging and diverse way. How did we do it? We created high-octane content and distilled it into entertaining, tongue-in-cheek appearance and tone.

Custom Publishing dla Muzeum Polskiej Wódki

In this special project, Valkea used a large newspaper-sized format to show off bold photos, original graphics and diverse typography. We drew inspiration from historic newspapers to create artistic aesthetics presented in a fresh and dynamic way.

Custom Publishing magazyn

Interesting multimedia stories about the newly-opened Museum of Polish Vodka at Warsaw’s Koneser center offer an insider’s view of the extraordinary attractions, little-known and previously unpublished facts, fun statistics and vodka-infused stories. The magazine’s back cover is a poster that becomes a keepsake and makes for a special eye-catching advertising medium.