Klient : Westfield Arkadia
Obszary : Custom Publishing

Interior Design Guide for Westfield Arkadia

We created a special publication promoting Westfield Arkadia’s introduction of its new “Personal Interior Designer” service, as well as the accompanying “Style and Interiors Come Togetherevent. The magazine is a great way to familiarize readers with the shopping destination’s exceptional interior design offer.

poradnik wnętrzarski Westfield Arkadia

It features a sublime style and original graphic design consistent with the mall’s seasonal magazine and the latest design trends, which skillfully combine timeless classics with modern fantasy. The small, handy format and offset paper create an effect of tasteful elegance while the innovative, dynamic graphic layout assures the publication stands out among leading shopping and lifestyle titles. Interesting and transparent typography catches the eye.

Our publication dynamically combines a catalog-like presentation with the practical advice of notable interior designers to premiere the new Westfield Arkadia event and service. It features current trends in home design, available from the mall’s tenants with all content presented in an exceptionally creative layout.