Klient : Domy Towarowe Wars Sawa Junior
Obszary : Creation

Warsaw Through an Illustrator’s Eyes

By designing an urban shopping center’s summer zone, we bet on graphic design that reflected the ideas it represented and was inspired by urban energy, dynamic silhouettes, architectural details and characteristic Warsaw locations.

Kreacja Pasaż Wiecha Kultura w samym Centrum

Valkea engaged Andrzej Wieteszka, a Warsaw-based illustrator and graphic artist, to create illustrations, which we then implemented into the key visual. The visuals communicated our attractions in the Pasaż Wiecha promenade, posters informing about the campaign, website graphics, onsite decorations and a special issue of Aktivist! Magazine.

The illustration by Andrzej Wieteszka is the author’s vision of the Pasaż Wiecha promenade. It contains stylized fragments of buildings found in the immediate vicinity of the shopping location, the Rotunda, as well as the Palace of Culture and Science. Everything symbolically represented – energy, ecology and a welcoming city encouraging residents and visitors to embark on a creative adventure. A Warsaw that is modern but friendly and engaging, filled with meaningful details, controlled chaos and joy.

Kreacja Pasaż Wiecha

The meandering lines alternate between figurative patterns and energetic vibrations. The geometric and irregular forms recall the original decorative motifs and mosaics from the 1960s and 1970s found on the location’s walls. The lines also recall the handwritten style of neon signs for the nearby Relax Cinema and the ZODIAK Warsaw Architecture Pavilion.

Based on the key visual we designed creative stickers for passersby and workshop participants in the promenade.