Klient : Vitapil
Obszary : Creation

VITAPIL Visual Identification

According to research commissioned by the IQS research agency, over half of the Polish women declare that they are aware of their strengths, but 33 percent have a hard time accepting compliments. This analysis was the driving force behind our entire communication strategy for the VITAPIL® brand – a dietary supplement that improves the condition of hair, for which we created a new visual line.

Valkea designed the communication strategy, visual line and implemented the communication.

Przyjmij komplement Vitapil

Our campaign slogan “Supplement for a compliment” appeared on our newly-designed website przyjmijkomplement.pl. Valkea’s teaser campaign allowed site users to send women specially-designed cards with compliments.

Vitapil Facebook

Our visual communication and brand story share the real experiences of three women who took part in a street survey and became the campaign’s faces.

Czy Polki potrafią przyjmować komplementy?

The portal also contains infographics presenting research results. Valkea developed graphics for brand communication in social media and outdoor advertising.