Klient : Atrium Promenada
Obszary : Creation

Retailtainment at Atrium Promenada

How do you turn a dull renovation into a shopping center’s main attraction? During the refurbishment of Atrium Promenada in Warsaw, Valkea designed artwork for paneling covering the construction work as part of our retailtainment theme to create a series of original experiences. We then went a step further and reconfigured a 200-meter arcade into an innovative and unprecedented destination in itself.


In cooperation with Hanna Talarek of In Out Design Studio, our team filled the location with games, puzzles and engaging screens, attractions with user-generated content, all in concert with the interior design of Atrium Promenada. This special entertainment and recreation zone featured an interactive shopping “thoroughfare” designed in the same spirit as the mall’s arcades. Each attraction was labeled by a “street” sign and included interesting facts, games, messages, toys, puzzles as well as original art by children’s book illustrator Kasia Cerazy from Your Art Maison.

user generated conent

Our special place combined shopping with art, education and fun – the very essence of retailtainment. The attractions stimulated various senses and skills of children and adults and encouraged them to spend time together. The specially-designed elements developed sensitivity, aesthetics, creativity and increased knowledge. Children could feel like colorful insects or birds, see themselves in a funhouse mirror, paint, play space games or confront a wild animal.

The installation won two awards: gold in the ICSC Solal Marketing Awards competition and an honorable mention in the Polish Council of Shopping Centers Retail Awards for Innovative Use of the Shopping Center Space During Expansion.