Klient : Manufaktura
Obszary : Creation

New creative line for Manufaktura

The Manufaktura shopping center in Lodz has employed a new creative line pairing tongue-in-cheek humor with street art. The stencil art perfectly reflects the mall’s urban brand while humor assures the marketing copy remains memorable.

Manufaktura kreacja

Street art, strongly rooted in the pop culture of Lodz and perfectly reflecting the character of Lodz’s Manufaktura, inspired the new campaign visuals. The copy broke existing communication patterns, opting for creative wordplay, double meanings and humor.


“Humor works best in advertising when you can tie it directly to the brand,” says Jerzy Kamecki, strategic consultant at Valkea Media, the agency responsible for the new campaign. “Here, it has the additional benefit of reminding people that Manufaktura is a fun place to be, that it’s more than just shopping.”