Klient : Manufaktura
Obszary : Creation

3D Campaign for Manufaktura

In response to the challenge of communicating the refurbishment of the Manufaktura shopping center in Łódź in an engaging way, Valkea prepared a campaign called “It Goes Beyond Your Reimagination”.

Valkea developed the project concept, social media strategy, and designed the advertising layouts for dedicated campaigns. While the billboards could be viewed using 3D glasses, the special lenticular postcards (aka flickers or winkies) intimated that changes were afoot at the mall. The campaign’s leitmotifs included the figures of a woman and a man superimposed over Manufaktura’s historic architecture allowing viewers to experience a 3D effect.

To przechodzi wszelkie przeobrażenie

The images filled large-format billboards throughout the city and market square leading to the Manufaktura main entrance. We set up a special telescope to allow passersby to enjoy the complete large-format image and also distributed 3D glasses and “winkie” postcards to communicate the upcoming refurbishment.

kampania 3D dla Manufaktury

The techniques used in the campaign ideally reflect the unrivaled creativity that Manufaktura has exemplified for so many years in Łódź.

The Manufaktura refurbishment is the largest investment in the mall’s history. Despite beginning in April 2019, the mall’s retail functions continue to operate undisturbed, which offers an opportunity to follow the ongoing changes.